1874 World Base Ball Tour: The Games (Continued)

Aug. 3 (Monday) at London - Boston 24, Athletic 7

Played on the Ground at Lords, the baseball match was watched by 5,000 as the game was played on a Bank Holiday. The Red Stockings hit four home runs, Spalding, Leonard, O'Rourke and George Wright, off Athletics pitcher Dick McBride and Anson hit one for the Athletics. The British press reported favorably about the match, but they stated that the American game was an advanced edition of rounders and baseball would never come close to cricket's popularity.

1874 World Base Ball Tour: Boxscore 4

Runs Earned - Athletic, 6; Boston, 11. Home Runs - Anson, 1; G. Wright, 1; Spalding, 1; Leonard, 1; O'Rourke, 1. Passed Balls - Clapp, 2. Umpire, T.D. Beals, Boston Club. Time, 2h. 10m. The cricket match was played after the baseball game and completed the following day.

Cricket Match - August 3 and 4; Americans 107, Marylebone Cricket Club 105. It was announced that the trip to Paris was cancelled reportedly due to the dearth of playing fields.

Aug. 6 (Thursday) at London - Boston 14, Athletic 11

Played on the same grounds as the previous day. This time only about 200 spectators appeared. Thomas Beals of Boston acted as the umpire.

1874 World Base Ball Tour: Boxscore 5

First base by errors - Boston 10 times; Athletic 5 times. Runs Earned - Boston, 14; Athletic, 12. Passed balls - McVey, 1; Clapp, 4. Home Runs - McVey, 2; Hall, 1; Schafer, 1; Sutton, 1. Umpire, T.S. Beals, Boston Club.

Aug. 8 (Saturday) at Richmond - Athletic 11, Boston 3

Once the baseball match was completed at Old Deer Park, the cricket match was commenced after a short break.

1874 World Base Ball Tour: Boxscore 6 Runs Earned - Athletic, 2; Boston, 2. First base by errors - Athletic, 7 times; Boston, 7 times. Home Runs - Beals, 1; Gedney, 1. Double Play - Geo. Wright and Kent. Umpire, C.H. Porter of the Boston Club. Time of Game, 2h. 20m.

Cricket Match* - August 8; Richmond C. 108, Americans 45
*Unfinished innings, only six wickets down.

Boxscores from The NY Clipper provided by Tom Shieber of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

1874 World Base Ball Tour: The Games Continued Continued.