Evolution of Baseball Equipment (Continued)

Baseball Retailers

Edward I. Horsman - Mid 1860's - Mid 1870's
100 Williams Street, New York

James F. Masters - Late 1860's - Late 1870's
No. 51, 53, 55 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
Put out of business by larger distributors, such as A. G. Spalding Brothers.

A.G. Spalding & Bros. - Mid 1870's - today

Herman H. Kiffe, manufacturer 1870's - 1880's
318 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY

Peck and Snyder
124 Nassau Street, New York

A.J. Reach
No. 23 South Eight Street, Philadelphia PA

Horace Partridge & Co. - ? - 1890 - ?
497-499 Washington Street, Boston, MA.

Baseballs Miscellaneous

Josh Giblin - 1875
Boston, MA
Patented ball with palm heart pill and rubber cover.

Samuel Hipkiss - 1876
Boston, MA
Patented ball with bell inside

Wolf Fletcher - 1876
Covington, KY
Patented baseball manufacturing machine.

Samuel Castle - 1883
Bridgeport, CT
Patented the seamless ball and was marketed by A.J. Reach Co..

Thomas Taylor - 1883
Bridgeport, CT
Patented baseball manufacturing machine.

Ben Newell - 1889
Boston, MA
Patented ball winding machine.

The Legacy Continued.