The Pitcher's Position.

RULE 16. The Pitcher shall take his position facing the batsman with both feet square on the ground, one foot on the rear line of the "box." He shall not make more than one step in the act of delivering the ball. He shall hold the ball, before the delivery, fairly in front of his body, and in sight of the Umpire. When the Pitcher feigns a throw the to a base he must resume the above position and pause momentarily before delivering the ball to the bat.

The Batsmen's Position - Order of Batting.

RULE 17. The Batsmen must take their positions within their positions within the Batsmen's Lines, as defined in Rule 7, in the order in which they are named on the score, which must contain the batting order of both nines, and be submitted by the Captains of the opposing teams to the Umpire before the game, and when approved by him this score must be followed except in the case of a substitute player, in which case the substitute must take the place of the original player in the batting order. After the first inning the first striker in each inning shall be the batsman whose name follows that of the last man who has completed his turn - time at bat - in the preceding inning.

RULE 18. Sec. 1. When their side goes to the bat the players must immediately return to and seat themselves upon the players' bench and remain there until the side is put out, except when batsman or base runner. All bats not in use must be kept in the bat racks, and the two players next succeeding the batsman, in the order in which they are named on the score, must be ready with the bat in hand to promptly take position as batsman; provided, that the Captain and one assistant only may occupy the space within the Captain's Lines to coach base runners.

Sec. 2. The Players of the side "at bat" must occupy the portion of the field allotted them, but must speedily vacate any portion thereof that may be in the way of the ball, or of any Fielder attempting to catch or field it.

Players' Benches

RULE 19. The players Benches, with bat racks attached must be furnished by the home club, one of which must be designated for the exclusive use of the visiting club and the other for the exclusive use of the home club.

The Game.

RULE 20. Sec. 1. Every Championship game must be commenced not later than two hours before sunset.

Sec. 2. A game shall consist of nine innings to each contesting nine, except that, (a) If the side first at bat scores less runs in nine innings that the other side has scored in eight innings, the game shall then terminate. (b) If the side last at bat in the ninth inning scores the winning run before the third man is out, the game shall terminate.

A Tie Game.

RULE 21. If the score be a tie at the end of nine innings to each side, play shall only be continued until the side first at bat shall have scored one of more runs than the other side, in an equal number of innings, or until the other side shall score one or more runs than the side first at bat.

A Drawn Game.

RULE 22. A Drawn Game shall be declared by the Umpire when he terminates a game on account of darkness or rain, after five equal innings have been played, if the score at the time is equal on the last even innings played; but if the side that went second to bat is then at the bat, and has scored the same number of runs as the other side, t he Umpire shall declare the game drawn, without regard to the score of the last equal innings.

A Called Game.

RULE 23. If the Umpire calls "Game" on account of darkness or rain at any time after five innings have been completed by both sides, the score shall be that of the last equal innings played, unless the side second at bat shall have scored one or more runs than the side first at bat, in which case the score of the game shall be the total number of runs made.

A Forfeited Game.

RULE 24. A Forfeited Game shall be declared by the Umpire in favor of the club not in fault, at the request of such club, in the following cases:

Sec. 1. If the nine of a club fails to appear upon the field, or being upon the field fail to begin the game within one minute after the Umpire has called "play," at the hour appointed for the beginning of the game, unless such delay in appearing or in commencing the game be unavoidable.

Sec. 2. If, after the game has begun, one side refuses or fails to continue playing, unless such game has been suspended or terminated by the Umpire.

Sec. 3. If, after play has been suspended by the Umpire, one side fails to resume playing within five minutes after the Umpire has called "play."

Sec. 4. If, in the opinion of the Umpire, any one of these rules is willfully violated.

Sec. 5. If, after ordering the removal of a player, as authorized by RULE 54, Sec. 5, said order is not obeyed within one minute.

Sec. 6. In case the Umpire declares a game forfeited, he shall transmit a written notice thereof to the Secretary of the league within twenty-four hours thereafter.

No Game.

RULE 25. "No Game" shall be declared by the Umpire if he shall terminate play on account of rain or darkness, before five innings on each side are completed.

The Rules: 1890 Players' National League of Base Ball Clubs Continued Continued.

The Rules of the Game: A Compilation of the Rules of Baseball 1845–1900 Continued.