Before forming a club, it would be well to ascertain how many there are of those desirous of becoming members of such an organization who will be sufficiently interested in the club as to place it on a permanent footing; and especially is it requisite that a majority of the members should be those able to devote a portion of their time to the necessary practice of the game, and at the same time be fully alive to the welfare of the club they join. Being satisfied in these respects, the next proceeding is to adopt an appropriate name, and one indicative of the locality of the club. In this matter care should be taken to avoid, if possible, the selection of a name already adopted. In framing the Constitution and By-Laws of the club, avoid having any rule that can not or will not be enforced, as it will otherwise lead to a laxity of discipline that will injuriously affect those rules that are absolutely necessary for the existence of the club. The fines, if any should be light, being thereby easier of collection, and fully as effective as if of great amount.


Article I.

SECTION 1. This club shall be known as the _________________Base Ball Club of_______________and shall consist of not more than_________regular members.

Article II.

SEC. 1. Those desirous of becoming members, can be proposed at any meeting, but must be balloted for at the ensuing meeting.

SEC. 2. Proposals for membership must be seconded by some member of the club other than the one proposing.

SEC. 3. At a ballot for membership__________________negative votes shall exclude the candidate.

SEC. 4. All persons who are elected members must subscribe to the Constitution and By-Laws, pay their initiation fee and regular dues, and furnish their address to the Secretary of the club, within_____days notice of election, or forfeit all claim of membership.

SEC. 5. Honorary members must be elected by a unanimous vote of the members present at a regular meeting. They are not required to pay either initiation fee or dues, but are to be subject to the laws of the club.

SEC. 6. Any member desirous of withdrawing from the club, must tender his resignation in writing at a regular meeting; no resignation shall be accepted from any member who is in arrears for dues to the club.

Article III.

SEC. 1. The officers of this club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors, whose term of office shall be one year.

SEC. 2. The election of officers shall be by ballot, and shall take place at the first regular meeting in______. They shall be balloted for separately, and must receive a majority of all the votes polled, to entitle them to an election, and shall enter upon their respective duties immediately thereafter.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings; to enforce a proper observance of the Constitution and By-Laws of the club; to appoint all commitees, not otherwise provided for, and have the casting vote in case of a tie upon any questions.

SEC. 4. The duties of the Vice-President shall be to perform those of the President, in the absence of that officer.

SEC. 5. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep all the books of the club, except those of the Treasurer, attend to all correspondence, call all meetings of the club, keep a roll of the members, which he shall call at the opening of every meeting; and such other duties as may be found in the following articles.

SEC. 6. The duties of the Treasurer shall be, to receive and disburse all the funds of the club; keep a book of individual accounts; pay all bills made or approved by the President, and render vouchers for the same; and at each regular meeting, when called upon to do so, report to the presiding officer the financial condition of the club.

SEC. 7. It shall be the duty of the Directors to take charge of the necessary implements of the club; determine the time to commence and close the season for field exercise; and attend to all miscellaneous duties not otherwise provided for.

SEC. 8. In case of any office becoming vacant, the vacancy shall be immediately filled by a new election.

Article IV.

SEC. 1. The stated meetings of the club shall be held monthly, at 8 o'clock, P.M.

SEC. 2. ___________Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at regular meetings.

SEC. 3. The President shall call extra meetings for business at the written request of a regular quorum of members, or when he may deem it expedient.

SEC. 4. The days for field exercise shall be such as may be appointed from time to time at the regular meetings of the club.

SEC. 5. All committees shall report at the next meeting after their appointment, except when the nature of their business requires a longer time.

Article V.

SEC. 1. Every alteration, amendment, or addition to the Constitution or By-Laws, shall be delivered to the President in writing, who shall publish the same to the club, and at the next regular meeting it shall be considered and adopted, if two-thirds of the members present concur.


Article I.

At the regular meetings of the club, the following order of business shall be observed: 1st. Calling the roll; 2d. Reading the minutes of the previous meeting; 3d. Collection of dues and fines; 4th. Proposing members, and election thereof; reports of committees; and 6th. miscellaneous business. A motion for adjournment shall always be in order.

Article II.

All persons elected members of this club shall pay an initiation of__________dollars, and each member shall pay a__________due of_________dollars.

Article III.

No expenses for refreshments on match days shall be paid out of the funds of the club. All such expenses to be defrayed by individual subscriptons only. And all assessments levied on the members of this club, shall be paid or not, at the option of each member assessed.

Article IV.

SEC. 1. Any member who shall use profane language, either at a meeting of the club, or during field exercise, shall be fined _______cents.

SEC. 2. Any member disputing the decision of the Umpire during field exercise, shall be fined________cents.

SEC. 3. Any member refusing obedience to the Captain during field exercise, and while he has lawful authority, shall pay a fine of ______cents.

SEC. 4. Any member who shall absent himself from a business meeting without a sufficient excuse, shall be fined_______cents.

SEC. 5. Any member, either at a meeting for business, or field exercise, not coming to order when called upon to do so by the President or Captain, shall be fined ______cents.

SEC. 6.. Any member refusing to pay the fines and dues imposed by these By-Laws, or who shall absent himself from field exercise for the space of three months, may be suspended or expelled by a vote of______of the members present at a regular meeting.

SEC. 7. Any member under suspension, is subject to dues and cannot either vote or participate in field exercise.

Article V.

Members when assembled for field exercise will be directed by two Captains, who shall be designated by the presiding officer of the club present. The Captains are to have absolute control of the game, and shall designate each position the player is to occupy in the field, which position can not be changed without the consent of the respective Captains. The presiding officer will also designate some member to act as Umpire, whose duty, on such occasions, shall be to keep the game in a book, reserved for that purpose, and also note all violations of the ByLaws. He shall decide all disputes relative to the game, and shall collect the fines incurred during the game, and pay the same to the Treasurer. If there be not a sufficient number of the members of the club present when a match be made up, others, not members, may be chosen to make up a game, which game shall not be broken up to admit members arriving on the ground later than the time appointed for commencing play. In all other cases, members shall have the preference.

Article VI.

Any alteration, addition, or amendment of these By-Laws shall be made in the same manner as provided in Article_____,Section_______, of the Constitution.

Our readers will perceive that the Constitution and By-Laws just given contain no fines for non-appearance on practice days, experience having shown that such are almost useless, partly from the difficulty attending the collection of such small amounts, but principally from the valid excuses rendered by the absentees.

The officers of the club should be men of influence with the members thereof, and such as can always be present on the occasions appointed either for meetings or for field exercise. It is not necessary that they should be good players, beyond the requisite ability to properly represent the club on all occasions.

In admitting new members, be sure they are persons of good habits and character. A person of a quarrelsome disposition should never be allowed to enter or remain in any ball club, as he will not only destroy the harmony that should exist in such an association, but will also deter good men from joining, who would make, perhaps, fine players as well as firm supporters of the club.

The Rules: 1864 National Association of Base-Ball Players Continued Continued.

The Rules of the Game: A Compilation of the Rules of Baseball 1845–1900 Continued.