Mutual Green Stockings, 1872

Baseball history photo: The Mutual Base Ball Club of New York, aka, the “Green Stockings,” 1870. Click photo to return to previous page.

Baseball history photo: The Mutual Base Ball Club of New York, aka, the “Green Stockings,” 1870. Standing (L to R) - Jack Nelson, Third Base; Al “Phoney” Martin, Right Field; Marty Swandell, Second Base; Dave Eggler, Centre Field. Seated (L to R) - Everett Mills, First Base; John Hatfield, Short Stop; Charlie Mills, Catcher; Rynie Wolters, Pitcher; Dan Patterson, Left Field.

The Mutual Club was founded in 1857 and named after the Mutual Hook and Ladder Company #1, of New York. Although a talented group from their inception, the Mutuals were notorious for “throwing games” through their existence. Betting on matches was common, even after the game became professional and the opportunity for players to gain financially caused suspicious play. One of the more famous incidents involving the Mutuals occurred after a 23 to 11 loss on September 28, 1865, to the Eckfords of Brooklyn. Third Baseman Ed Duffy, Catcher William Wansley and Short Stop Thomas Devyr were discovered to have conspired to throw the game. Wansley accepted $100 dollars from a gambler named Kane McLoughlin. Wansley later reportedly offered both Duffy and Devyr $30 for their cooperation in fixing the match. Wansley and Duffy were barred from matches by the Mutuals and charges were brought against Devyr, who admitted accepting a bribe, by the Judiciary Committee. The Mutual Club was successful in having the charges against Devyr dropped and he played through the 1869 season. Duffy was reinstated by the Club in 1868, without approval and the Mutuals were expelled by the New York State Association for the 1869 season. However, the suspension was dropped when a “technicality” was discovered. At the 1869 convention of the National Association of Base Ball Players, both Ed Duffy and ringleader William Wansley were reinstated for the 1870 season. Click photo to return to previous page.

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